We bring to you the best selected meal kits, ready to cook and prepared meals straight to your doorsteps. We are partnering with local producers as part of our mission to provide Quality, Convenience & Halal product to you as well as to help the local MSMEs.

Our selection of products includes local cuisines, specialty produce such as Patin, high-quality meat, fresh vegetables, sauces, condiments and dried snacks. All of our products are sourced from local producers and majority of our products are from home-based producers and local industries.

All of our products are well curated and subject to quality checks by our team. As such, customers can be assured that they will always receive high quality products.

We are constantly adding new products and improving our services to our customers. Even though we are currently only available in selected locations in Klang Valley, we are planning to expand our services to our locations throughout Klang Valley and other states as well.