In 2017, Farm Sweet was establish with one aim:- To be the one stop centre in providing fresh and high quality produce to customers directly to their doorstep.
Our offerings include a wide selection from vegetable, fruits, seafood, poultry, beef, mutton, fresh eggs, preserved eggs, yogurt drinks, frozen ready-to-cook meals and etc. That aside, we are one of the few places that offers free range poultry and eggs as well. Majority of our products are sourced from local farmers and fishermen and subjected to a strict quality check process by our team. As such, customers can be rest assured that they will always receive fresh high quality products.
We are constantly improving our services and offerings through collaboration with suppliers and logistic company in the quest to bring together both high quality product and convenience to customers.
After all, Farm Sweet is your best helper in life – making it easier for you to lead a healthy life and lifestyle.