Strict criteria for us means peace of mind for you. Every item we offer must meet our uncommonly strict list of Good Food Promises. We engage our producers, visit their kitchens and farms, and taste-test their products (we tasted a lot!) to make sure everything is in line with our standards for quality, flavour and ethical business practices.

Every product in GoMommy Foods is Halal. We only source either Halal-certified products or from Muslim producers or farmers.

Our team verifies all the products and visited the farms and producer are genuinely Halal.

We pride ourselves to be a curated food marketplace with only high-quality products and from seasoned cooks and farmers. We taste test everything (and gain few kilos) and sacrifice our bodies to make sure that you satisfaction is guaranteed.

We started GoMommy Foods as a means to help the local industries; albeit a cottage-based industry, independent farmers and producers, and also small industries. As we have to adopt to the New Normal and by providing our local partners with a digital platform, we hope you will continue to support GoMommy Foods. As we grow, our partners will too.

It is simply impossible for you to know where the food on your tables comes from. Most people don’t have time to get to know their food producers. So, we do it for you. We talk directly to our producers, visit their farms and kitchens, and demand 100% transparency across the entire supply chain.

We are also using data and technology to help our producers and farmers to have a better production planning. This is to make sure your favourite products will always be available for you.

Our employees are our partners and stakeholders. So, you know that everyone up and down the line from the CEO and our riders are committed to serve you better and make GoMommy Foods great. Our team are also professionally trained and our premise and operations are certified.