In 2021, Gomommy Foods Sdn Bhd was establish with one aim:- To be the one stop center in providing fresh and high quality produce to customers directly to their doorstep.
We offer wide selection of Malaysian iconic dishes directly from their states served hot to you or in frozen ready-to-cook meals. Our offering includes frozen traditional snacks, special cut meats from local suppliers, Patin fish from Sungai Pahang and curated Ayam Kampung. Our products are sourced from local producers and subjected to strict quality checked process by our team. As such, customer can be rest assured that they will always receive Halal, fresh, and high quality products.
We are constantly improving our services and offerings through collaboration with local suppliers in the quest to bring together both high quality product and convenience to customers.
After all, Gomommy Foods is your best helper in life – making it easier for you to lead a healthy life and lifestyle.